Infrastructure Committee

Last year, as our giving was not keeping up with our expenses, church members were all asked to consider increased giving.   Margi M raised the question to Kate D on the Church Council, “Is there anything we can do to lower expenses?” Margi chuckles when she says, “Be careful what you ask around here – you will get asked to lead a new committee to work on the problem!”

As of January 1, 2016 Margi heads up the Church Infrastructure Committee (CIC). The goal of the committee is to make sure that St. Mark, as a building and facility, is safe, comfortable, inviting, and as cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

The goal of the committee may not be glitzy, but with all the activity and mission-driven programs at St. Mark, if the roof falls in, the hot water tank blows, or the furnace stops working, things will quickly grind to a halt. Our facility is an aging structure with many additions. The CIC has already found it interesting to find out how many electrical panels, hot water tanks, and furnaces are in the building. In fact, one of the first of many important projects is the development of a complete facility map. The committee is helping John M with this at the present time.

The committee is comprised of Margi M, Kate D, and Jan H.  Margi envisions this Steering Committee working with other groups on specific projects. For example, the current resource being reviewed is water – one of the churches’ largest expenses. A water audit and a plumbing audit is underway, and Margi along with Kim Benedict, from the City of Lacey, and Kelsey Browne from LOTT have hosted three presentations, Every Drop Counts about St. Mark water usage.

Click below to view or print the Infrastructure Water Maintenance Schedule:

Water Infrastructure Inventory and Maintenance