As we continue our series of articles on current events, we present several articles about politics. We hope you find them informative.

Transition Warning: Trump’s Mental Illness is a Growing Danger

Trump’s Election Lies are an Attempted Coup.

Trump Attempts to Abolish American Democracy

Trump on peaceful transition if he loses: ‘Get rid of the ballots’ and ‘there won’t be a transfer’

Tax bombshell reveals Trump’s image is a sham

Trump’s Taxes Shows He’s a National Security Threat

Portland Mayor Denounces Trump: “It’s You Who Have Created The Hate”

The Big No-Show at the Republican National Convention – Mr. Truth

Quote of the Month

Donald Trump is a fascist, racist dictator who is intent on destroying American Democracy and making himself dictator for life. Don’t assume he is just a clown, who like a five-year old cannot accept the fact that he has lost the election. He is far worse than that. He has no intension of leaving the White House ever and is going to have to be physically removed. To our Republican friends, we urge you to really look at his behavior and actions and decide if that is someone you want controlling every aspect of your life for the remainder of your life. To Republican members of Congress and members of the Trump Administration, stop humoring this character and recognize that he is currently setting the stage to make himself dictator for life. You are enabling him right now. What are you afraid of? It is time to speak out strongly against this terrible tyrant. The longer you wait to condemn him, the harder it will be to get rid of him in the future. He needs to be living in a prison cell (or an insane asylum) and not in the White House. He has no loyalty to anyone or anything except himself. The sooner we as Americans act to eliminate the hatred and evil that is Trump and Trumpism the better off our nation will be.
We need to recognize that Donald trump is a madman who is intent on purposely destroying the American nation and American Democracy in particular by his political actions. Trump is also intent on purposely destroying our entire planet with his destructive environmental actions. Trump is also intent on killing as many inhabitants of the Earth as he can with his destructive Covid-19 policies. You may wonder why any sane individual would want to create all this destruction. The key to understanding this is that Trump is not sane; he is a madman. Who knows what kind of craziness is swirling around inside his head. Remember that he believes that the whole world is out to get him and has already treated him badly, so he is striking out at everyone and everything on the planet however he can.