Trump Attempts to Abolish American Democracy

Donald Trump, in a move to abolish American elections, destroy American Democracy, convert the American nation to a fascist dictatorship, and establish himself as dictator for life, has taken the first step by indicating his plans on abolishing ballots. Note that he is getting very good coaching advice on how to do this in his many secret meetings with Vladimir Putin at which no other Americans are present. We can see how successful Putin has been in taking over total control of Russia. Also note that Trump is using many of the techniques that Hitler and Mussolini used in the 1920’s and 1930’s to take over their countries.

If all this bothers you, now is the time to speak up and take action as an individual and as an organization.

If you are a Republican, make no mistake about it. Donald Trump is not a true Republican. He has masqueraded as a Republican to get access to the White House from where he is firing legitimate and knowledgeable agency heads and replacing them with his corrupt and ignorant henchmen for his total takeover of the government. Donald Trump does not stand for true Republican or Democratic ideals or goals. If you are a Republican voter and still defending Trump, you are enabling a wanna-be Fascist dictator.

Watching the first presidential debate last night, revealed what many people already knew. Donald Trump has the ugliest and most repulsive personality of any character in American political history. In spite of all parties agreeing in advance to not interrupt others, Mr. Trump continually interrupted both Joe Biden and the debate moderator. And when the moderator would remind him that he had agree in advance to not interrupt, he would just keep talking in a loud voice to drowned out what either Mr. Biden or the moderator were trying to say. The things he was saying were all lies that he would just make up on the spur of the moment. When Mr. Biden would point out that what Trump was saying was not true, Trump would just keep repeating over and over the same lies and ignore Mr. Biden’s objections. An interesting feature of many of Trumps lies, are that he tries to attribute many of his own many shortcomings to others.

It is becoming apparent that Donald Trump is in the process of abolishing American Democracy and replacing it with a fascist dictatorship with himself as a dictator-for-life. If that is not apparent to you, then you are part of the problem. It is your God given responsibility to speak out both as an individual and as a member of any organizations to condemn Mr. Trump’s speeches, Tweets, and actions in the strongest possible words. Anything you can do to see to it that Mr. Trump is removed from office at the earliest possible time, is a service to your nation and to the world.

As we learn more and more about the evil tyrant named Donald Trump, it is becoming obvious that he is trying to abolish American Democracy and replace it with a fascist dictatorship with himself as dictator for life. It is every American’s duty and responsibility to do everything in their power to get this “antichrist” like character out of office. We won’t be safe until this tyrant is led out of the White House and hopefully in handcuffs. Based on his behavior, there is a growing suspicion across the nation, that he is mentally and emotionally unbalanced. In fact, he could very well be described as “criminally insane”. But perhaps his greatest character flaw is that he is a habitual liar about everything and anything. He lies about important things. He lies about unimportant things. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to find anything at all that he says or writes that is truthful. It must be extremely difficult to debate him, when everything he says is a fabricated lie, which he frequently makes up on the spur of the moment.