Worship Life

SanctuaryWorship is the central practice of our life together at St. Mark.  We recognize that worship in our culture takes a variety of forms so as a visitor the liturgical structure may be new to you.  As we worship we participate in a Holy Conversation that follows a fourfold pattern:  Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending.

As we Gather, we sing praises to God and pray together.  Often we include a prayer acknowledging our brokenness and need of God’s word of peace and pardon.

The Word comes to us then in the form of scripture being read followed by a sermon being preached.  We have a children’s sermon each service and the children gather in front of the altar. We then have a sermon for the congregation.

The Meal, also called Holy Communion, is the high point of the Worship service.  Here we receive Christ’s presence and forgiveness in/with the tangible elements of bread and wine. All are welcome.

Finally, we are sent (Sending) into the world to live out our faith in service to our neighbor.