Sunday School

Sunday School welcomes all kids!

The Sunday School hour for children and teens is 9:45am – 10:45am (between our two worship services).  Sunday School starts each Sunday in the Sanctuary and then moves to other locations. Sunday School rooms are located in the Education Building. We welcome children and teens from Pre-school through High School.  To find out more about our Sunday School, please contact the St Mark office by E-mail or phone us at 360-491-2052. Check out the curriculum below. Volunteers are needed and welcome.

WHIRL LECTIONARY! Curriculum for Lower Grade Students

We are excited to use the Sunday school curriculum from The WHIRL LECTIONARY! curriculum helps leaders plan playful Sunday school experiences that are rooted in church life. Through welldesigned leader materials, engaging leaflets, captivating videos, lively music, and easy-to-use resources for large groups and worship, Whirl equips leaders to bring the lectionary to kids in a new and powerful way. This is a multi-age Sunday School format that requires the talents of the congregation to be successful. Please consider how you can use your gifts to help with our wonderful program.

We use a Sunday school calendar that outlines the lessons for each week based on weekly lectionary readings.  Volunteers help and use their talents and passion to serve. For example, if you are someone who loves drama, you are welcome to sign up and teach the Bible story using the drama workshop! There are so many opportunities for the congregation to get involved!

More Details about WHIRL LECTIONARY! Curriculum

If you are interested in further details about which classes will be offered each Sunday at St. Mark and more information about specific classes, sign up for a free account with SparkHouseOnline at the below website address:  When asked for a “Church ID” use “Stmarklacey” After a few days, your account information will be verified and approved and you will be notified.

Classes for Junior and Senior High Students (6th-12th grades)

The Junior High and High School classes meet with the same teachers each week to study  a variety of topics!  Students and teachers often study the lessons used in Sunday morning worship. This curriculum is from the ELCA “Faith Lens” program. The curriculum relates contemporary issues and concerns to the Sunday lessons. Sometimes throughout the year, special classes are offered utilizing faith topics, books of the Bible, parables, or certain scriptures. All youth are welcome!

If you would like to follow the “Faith Lens” blog online or to subscribe to receive free emails from Faith Lens, you can view it at the following website address: