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Sunday Worship

Services: 8:30 & 11:00am
Youth Sunday School: 9:45am
Adult Sunday School: 10:00am
2109 College St SE, Lacey, WA
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November 20, 2018
  • (L) Pastor's Bible Study
    10:00 AM-11:30 AM

November 21, 2018
  • (S) Chancel Choir Rehearsal
    7:00 PM-8:30 PM

November 22, 2018

November 23, 2018

November 24, 2018
  • (PH) Chancel Choir
    8:30 AM-11:30 AM

November 25, 2018
  • (S) Worship
    8:30 AM-9:30 AM

  • (Ed. Wing) Children's Sunday School
    9:45 AM-10:45 AM

  • (L) Adult Sunday School
    10:00 AM-11:00 AM

  • (S) Worship
    11:00 AM-12:00 PM

November 26, 2018
  • Confirmation - Parent and Student Meeting
    6:30 PM-8:00 PM


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