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Welcome to St. Mark Lutheran Church

St Mark is holding in-person worship services on Sunday mornings at 10:00! Face coverings are no longer required. However, you are very welcome to wear a face covering if this is your preference. For those who are not yet comfortable attending worship in person, Sunday morning services are recorded and published on our website.

Sunday Worship

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2109 College St SE, Lacey, WA
Map | 360-491-2052

Newest Posts

  • All are welcome to attend the new “Rock Vespers” at St. Mark on Saturday, May 14 at 6pm in the sanctuary.  Terry Shaw, John Martin, Benjamin Martin and other community musicians will offer this welcoming service filled with a variety of popular rock music.  Although the service will be primarily music, Pastor Beth will also provide scripture, prayer, and opportunities for reflection.  This alternative worship experience will be held on the second Saturday during May, June, July, and August.   Offering baskets will be available and donations will help cover the cost of this service.  Please invite your friends and neighbors and come check it out!! Check out the full article at https://www.thurstontalk.com/

  • Welcome to today’s service! We learn about what it means to give love and how we can love others. If you would like to join in for communion, please have your bread and wine ready.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJoL2_nyXUw

  • Welcome to this week’s service. Today we learn to follow Jesus in his teachings of love and worship. If you would like to join for communion, please have your bread and wine ready. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyGK0u0tIwk

  • Welcome to today’s service! We celebrate the ministry and faith of our retiring accompanist Rae Corbin. If you would like to join during communion, please have bread and wine ready to do so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inOxIwPqtrQ  

  • Thanks to a Thrivent Grant received for our St. Mark Community Garden, we now have a new section called a “pollinator garden”. This garden was designed and planted with specific nectar and pollen producing plants that will attract certain insects known as “pollinators”. Both plants and seeds were planted, including milkweed plants for Monarch butterflies. This garden is located in the southwest area of the Community Garden and should be a beautiful contribution with colorful butterflies visiting. Thanks to Brent Chapman, Erla Ferry, Gail Frare, Ameilia Morlock, Kiyomi Katow and Kristina Tamm-Finnerud for putting their hands to the earth for this valuable addition to the Community Garden.

  • After service on Sunday April 22, members of the St. Mark Social Justice Team produced a wonderful display in the Parish Hall to celebrate Earth Day and our recent ministry of Caring for Creation. Tables were filled with examples and information available to peruse on composting, recycling, tree conservation, books on environmental topics, transportation options, and food. Many practical tips and ideas were shared and discussed, such as what can and can’t be placed in your recycle bin, how to purchase “smart” thermostats for your home at reduced prices, ideas on “buying and eating local” and many more. Thanks to Gail Frare, Beth Bowden, David Nelson, Earla Ferry, Terry Leverenz, and Kristina Tamm-Finnerud for sponsoring this event and for all their hard work in helping to decrease our carbon footprint! If you did not pick up the handout at the Earth Day event and want the list of 50 ways to decrease climate impacts, they are posted on the St. Mark website under the heading “Caring for Creation”. The material is from, “The Climate Diet: 50 Simple Ways to Trim Your Carbon Footprint” by Paul Greenberg, and is featured in 5 consecutive posts between February 3 and March 5, 2022.    


St Mark is transitioning to a blend of in-person and virtual events. Events will appear as they are scheduled.

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The “Clean Kids” laundry room has reopened. Do continue to be considerate of others health in that small room.


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