Meet Lauren and Nova A

“I grew up in a town outside of Spokane called Cheney until age 8. From age 8 to 9, I lived in Tacoma, and from age 9 to age 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the next 5 years, I lived in Orange County, California. Now at age 26, I live here in Lacey.

I have always been involved in the Lutheran church, ever since I was born. My dad’s father, Wilton Anderson, was a Lutheran pastor in Tacoma. My older sister Shannon, my twin brother Kyle, and I all called him Grandpa Bud. He went home to God when I was ten.

I’m a full-time student at St. Martin’s University for my BA in Elementary Education. My goal year to graduate is spring of 2018, as long as I take courses in the summer in addition to fall and spring courses.

I met my boyfriend Logan when I lived in California and we have a beautiful daughter together; her name is Nova. Nova is 2 years and 2 months old, and is the happiest little love bug you will ever meet. Nova goes to Kindercare five days a week while I am at school and while Logan is at work. Nova enjoys being there and has grown to be very social with adults and children. Logan works as an apprentice for Korsmo construction in Tacoma and is in the local 129 Carpenters Union. Logan prefers not to attend church regularly, but you might see him around Christmas Eve services and Easter Sunday.

As for hobbies and spare-time activities I enjoy cooking and craft activities, especially when doing something messy. I also enjoy museums, social activities, camping, fishing, and going to the beach (if I have time). I am a social butterfly so I am most comfortable in conversation. I love it at St. Mark Lutheran. I try to make it to every Sunday service, but as we all know life happens and I am either too tired to get up in time for church or I am buried in homework, housework, and mommy work. But if I had to pick the work I most enjoy it would have to be mommy work. Being a mom is the best thing to ever happen to me! Hopefully this gives you a bit of a background landscape about me, and my family.“

Sounds like Lauren likes conversation, so when you see her around church, strike one up! Welcome to Lauren and Nova!


Facilitated by Susan G