Hello Jan H!

Jan H comes to St. Mark from California. She is a 5th generation native of that state. After high school, Jan attended California Lutheran University at Thousand Oaks. Her career has been as a professional fund raiser, and this work included raising funds for non-profit organizations from grass roots to the national level in scope.

Jan has one son, a chiropractor, who lives in California. He has given Jan her only grandchild and Maysie is the light of Jan’s life!

Jan came to Washington State on December 13, 2013 to be a caregiver for a cousin. The plan was to stay six months, which turned out to be a permanent stay. She now works part time at Woodlawn Funeral Home and has become a member of the St. Mark family and the Olympia community.

When asked to describe her life, she was particularly enthused about her great grandmother. She said her great grandmother was in attendance at a parade where Abe Lincoln was also present. She said he actually patted Jan’s great grandmother on the head!

Jan likes to cook, read and, in particular, loves to watch old movies.

Jan remarked that she has been a member of several Lutheran congregations, but there is just something special about St. Mark.

We couldn’t agree more, and we are glad you are here, Jan!

By Linda A