Christ’s Light Shines

Tonight, we heard the glorious story of Jesus’ birth, as we gathered on Christmas Eve for our traditional candle light service. We were reminded that Jesus was not only born in Bethlehem, but he is born among us, again and again and again. His light reaches us in the darkest corners of our lives, and we are never the same. And when we share the light with others, they will never be the same.

Like the great light seen in the sky over Bethlehem, our lights were bright in the darkness as we sang, “…radiant beams from your holy face”. And when we finished singing, Pastor Beth reminded us that as we leave the building we need to take Christ’s light out into the world and live lives of love and compassion.

Christ’s light shines…right here…right now.  Allelujah and Merry Christmas!


To hear the full sermon, click the link below.