Beloved, Be Loved, Be Love

Jan Richardson, author, says, “Beloved…it comes like a mercy to the ear.”

On this Sunday, the baptism of our Lord is remembered in the Gospel of Mark 1:4-11. As Jesus is being baptised by John, the heavens opened up and a voice spoke, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

Pastor Beth illustrated the three aspects of this merciful word, Beloved. God loves us deeply and dearly; we are his Beloved.  It is our purpose to Be Loved by God. That is what gives meaning to our lives. And to Be Love is what we are called to do. God prompts us into action, to reach out and be love in the community and in the world.

As we re-visit the story of Jesus’s baptism, we have the opportunity to reflect on our own baptism. And to know that we, too, are God’s beloved.

You are invited to listen to the gospel and full sermon at the link below.