On this Trinity Sunday, Retired Pastor David I. Nelson reminded us that God is all about relationship. The Three-in-One is just as easily the One-in-Three. As we pray to God as Jesus did, the Spirit prays within us, creating between us and God the same relationship Jesus has with God. God is intimacy, community, plurality, and connection.

In a family, whether it is our own family or God’s global family, there is commonality. At the same time, each individual within the family is different in many ways.  We should not be afraid or anxious about diversity. We are all God’s children. Pastor Nelson illustrates this point by visualizing God’s engraved invitation to His Divine Dance being addressed to “All”, “Everyone”, “Each Person” and “Whoever”,

It is in relationship and connection that we experience the fullness of God. Send Him your R.S.V.P. !

To listen to Pastor Nelson’s Time with Children, the Gospel reading (John 3:1-17) and sermon, click on the link below.