The Kingdom of God is like Scotch Broom…

Retired Pastor David Nelson said that after a few week’s worth of Mark’s ‘conflict’ Gospels (they’ll be back later in the year), we now have wonderful little stories.

Today’s story is about the mustard seed.  The smallest of small seeds.  In Jesus’s time, no one planted mustard seeds! They didn’t have any hot dogs and brats so there was no need for it.

So what is Jesus saying?

Jesus often spoke to the crowds in parables and then he would take his disciples aside and explain further.  Do you think they got it?  The parables were meant to stretch their, and our, imagination.

Who and what counts in God’s eyes?

The Kingdom of God is about welcoming the unwelcome, offering shelter to everyone because God knows better than us, but it’s not always easy for us to accept.

Teach us to pray..’Thy Kingdom come….’.