Come and Rest a While

Naps are a good thing!

Pastor David Nelson emphasized this during his time with the children and in his sermon based on today’s Gospel (Mark 6:30-34, 53-56). Jesus told his disciples to rest after they had traveled much and taught many. They tried to get away to a “deserted place by themselves”. But they were recognized, and people from that whole region arrived ahead of them. Jesus saw them as “sheep without a shepherd”, so he and the disciples began to tend to them with teaching and healing. They did this without rest, without refreshment, without a break.

In this scripture, we see the contention between self-care and compassion. We know balance is optimum.¬†Seek rest, of course, and don’t apologize for it. But when that conflict arises, we are called to error on the side of compassion. Jesus always chose love.

To listen to the sermon in full, click the link below.