St. Mark Softball Champions!

Do you know what’s fun about St. Mark Softball?  I mean – REALLY fun?  It’s having a group of players come together on Friday evenings throughout the summer and play some power-packed games of softball with other church teams from around the Thurston County area.   We get to share in spirited fellowship, do some laughing, giggling, and bonding . . . well, you get the idea!  The frosting on the proverbial cake came to our team on Friday, August 3, when we were presented with the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY for our division after our last game of the season!  That’s what your team gets when you finish a stellar season with eight wins and only one loss and one tie.  If you care to see and admire the beautiful trophy in person, it is next to St. Mark’s other sports teams’ trophies at the church “crossroads” (under the skylight between the Parish Hall and the door to the main office).  The entire team would like to thank all of their loyal supporters and the rah-rah crowd who came out to watch our games and cheer us on!  It’s pretty awesome to have a lot of “noise” coming from the bleachers when we’re out there playing!  If you happen to see any of the players in their “rather inconspicuous” rainbow tie-dyed team t-shirts, please give them a hearty congratulatory high-five!  They worked and played hard to get to the top!    Coach John