Blessing of the Animals – All New 2018 Pictures

A “Blessings of the Animals” ceremony took place at both services at St Mark Lutheran Church on Oct 14, 2018. Check out below, the gallery of pictures of our many animal friends who attended these services this year and the Litany which was read at the services.
Litany of Thanksgiving for Animals and Creation
Gracious and loving God, today we give thanks for the gift of creation and the beauty of the universe. We pray for your blessings upon planet Earth and all living things that inhabit it.
We give thanks for all the animals who bring love and happiness into our lives. We pray for their good health.
We give thanks for the animals we have loved and lost.
We give thanks for all the animals who live in fields and on farms, in the seas and on the desert, who depend on human kindness for their well-being and on our foresight for their habits and homes. We especially pray for all the species on the verge of extinction and for those we have yet to discover.
We pray that we are good stewards of your creation and that we treat the land, water, air, vegetation, animals, and people with appreciation and holy care. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.