St Mark Weather Update

Dear people of St. Mark,

We hope and pray you are safe and warm during this cold weather and snow.  The forecast shows we will get more snow tomorrow (Monday).

The church office will be closed tomorrow (Monday).  (We typically follow the North Thurston Public Schools schedule in terms of closures for inclement weather).  Please be aware we have advised all our outside groups that the church facilities will be closed ALL WEEK.  Unless we can find someone to plow our parking lot or the weather warms enough to melt some of the snow, the parking lot is not safe.  The snow is deep and the berm of snow and ice along our driveways from the snow plows on College Street is thick (and solid ice).  As of this afternoon (Sunday), we could not even enter the parking lot from College Street.  Also, there is a line down along the “northern” entrance.  It has been reported and will be tended to by the proper authorities.

Therefore, we are also requesting all of our St. Mark groups to cancel your gatherings until further notice, or make arrangements to move your meetings elsewhere (including our Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning breakfast groups).  As the week goes on, we will be in touch with our chancel and bell choirs about whether or not we will be able to hold rehearsals.  Also, we will update you if the parking lot conditions at church improve.   I know this is disappointing and an inconvenience, but we and your church council care about you.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt.

If you have an emergency or need to reach Pastor Eric or me, you are welcome to call or email us.  Our power at home has gone off and on, but we are trying to be sure our cell phones are charged.

We will continue to send information to you via email and post updates on our church Facebook page and website.

God bless you and be with you!  Take good care, dear friends.

Peace of Christ,

Pastor Beth