We Are Made Worthy

Today’s Gospel from Luke 16 is a “heavy text”.  In this parable, Jesus tells of the poor man who is carried up by angels to be with Abraham, contrasted with the rich man who was sent to be tormented in Hades. Abraham responded to the rich man’s pleas for mercy by reminding him he received good things in his lifetime and now suffers in agony. However, Lazarus, who was poor and “received evil things” is comforted in heaven.

Our scripture reading from 1 Timothy also speaks to this theme: those who are rich “are to be rich in good works, generous and ready to share, thus storing up the treasure of a good foundation for the future.”

Pastor Eric asked how we fit into this story. Are we worthy of being carried up by the angels when we have riches and yet hesitate to share generously with others?  Then Pastor Eric reminds us of the good news.  It doesn’t matter if we think we are worthy or not. The truth is, through Jesus Christ’s blood and body given for us, we are made worthy.

To listen to the Gospel and sermon, click the link below.