The Size of Our Faith

How does a seed know what it is supposed to do when it is planted? Through God, the seed knows what to do. Regardless of size, the seed will make an impact, because it will grow as God would have it grow.

Likewise, God created us as He wanted us, planted us where He wanted us, and is always there helping us grow in our own unique faith.

Pastor Beth inspired us to remember that even if our faith is the size of a mustard seed, we can do amazing things! God is not so much concerned with how much faith we have but what we do with the faith we have.

And when we feel we cannot live out our faith as we would like, we are comforted to know that we can let others do it with and for us.

Our love of God and our relationships with each other are the true measure of our faith. When we want to grow in our faith, Pastor Beth suggests, we “just keep on loving, keep on forgiving”.

To hear the Gospel from Luke 17 and Pastor Beth’s sermon, click the link below.