New Members Jerry & Marilyn Shackelford

Marilyn and Jerry Shackelford were received as new members of St. Mark in October. They transferred from Twin Harbors Lutheran Church in Grayland, Washington. Prior to that they attended Emmanuel Lutheran in Venice, Florida.

Marilyn grew up in Minnesota and Jerry was raised in Illinois. Jerry is a graduate of Oregon State University. He was employed as an Occupation Sales Engineer, involved with industrial equipment. Marilyn worked for Deluxe Check Printers.

The Shackelfords have a blended family. Marilyn has a daughter and two sons; Jerry has a daughter and a son. They moved to Washington to be closer to their son and granddaughter. The Shackelfords are proud to say they have ten grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren!

Jerry and Marilyn enjoy traveling, garage and estate sales, browsing in antique stores and smooth jazz music. They also enjoy many sports including college and NFL football, and Major League Baseball.

When Jerry and Marilyn were asked what we could do to help them feel comfortable at St. Mark, their response was, “Continue what you are doing”. They also suggested we could use a better sound system.

In closing, Jerry and Marilyn emphasized that they enjoy the wonderful music at church, and appreciate that St. Mark is involved in activities that are supportive of the community. 

Now that we know a little more about Jerry and Marilyn, we can ask them about their favorite sports team, their latest treasure from an estate sale, and their many grandkids and great grandkids!!


Welcome Jerry and Marilyn!