Climate Diet #3: Travel

It is said, “The space between home and the rest of the world is the hole into which we pour most of our emissions”. FUEL is a huge consideration when trying to make changes in the preservation of the environment. In this, the third installment of the “Climate Diet” summary, consider the following ideas.

  1. Trade a flying vacation for a better home. Tourism accounts for 8% of total carbon emissions. Take the money and make your home more energy efficient.
  2. If you own a car, make it a better commuter. Make sure your car is tuned, tires inflated properly, don’t let it idle, drive cautiously to decrease gas usage, and better yet, don’t use it! Walk, bike, or take public transportation.
  3. Keep the telecommuting habit. Save the carbon of the commute and work from home whenever possible.
  4. If your business wants you to travel, ask to join virtually. If you schedule business conferences, schedule them virtually. Millions of tons of emissions were avoided by the pandemic cancelling most business conferences.
  5. Business class is too expensive for the environment. Travelling economy class is more climate conscious.
  6. If you must drive, drive electric. It not only saves the carbon, but the cars become the storage vehicles for solar and wind power (vehicle to grid) which will further incentivize the construction of more wind and solar.