Beth Bowden Joins St. Mark

On June 5, 2022, Beth Bowden became a member of the St. Mark Lutheran Church Congregation.

Beth grew up in Elma Washington. She was raised in the United Methodist Church and has attended various Protestant churches during her adult life, including Covenant, Quaker, Church of the Savior, Presbyterian and United Church of Christ.

Beth is a retired elementary school teacher. She currently works part-time at the Timberland Library. She and her husband John have two adult daughters, Meredith and Rosalie.

Beth’s hobbies include walking, gardening, quilting and reading.

When describing her impressions of the members of St. Mark, Beth states, “…they like to live out their faith in many ways, as they are led by the Spirit.” 

Beth says she feels welcomed and comfortable at St. Mark and is looking forward to becoming acquainted with more members of the congregation.