As a public service to our congregation and friends, the following links to COVID-19 information are provided.

World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19

Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19

The CDC has a long history of doing excellent work. However, recent political meddling, funding cutbacks, and threats of firings by the Trump Administration have seriously handicapped their ability to properly do their work. (It was revealed on 9/23/2020 that the head of the CDC has been harassed, threatened, and forced by the Trump administration into putting up Trump lies on the CDC website instead of the scientific facts that the CDC’s own scientists have generated.) It may be necessary to visit some of the other websites listed here to get scientific facts.

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) COVID-19

Thurston County Public Health & Social Services (PHSS) COVID-19

The Great Courses Coronavirus: What We Know Now

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

New England Journal of Medicine COVID-19

Center for Science in the Public Interest COVID-19

Consumer Reports Coronavirus Resource Hub

Consumer Reports Guide to the Coronavirus


Don’t use the Trump White House as a reliable source of COVID-19 information. Check out the following article for a review of the incompetent and politically motivated history of the Trump response to COVID-19.

Trump COVID-19 Advice

The White House Coronavirus Task Force is sort of a mixed bag. The doctors on that task force are releasing truthful and useful statements. The politicians on that task force (most notably Mr. Trump) are releasing misleading and politically motivated lies. Unfortunately Trump is easing reliable doctors on the task force out of their positions and  replacing them by a crackpot with no infectious disease training and opinions which are contrary to all others in the medical establishment.