Confirmation Sunday

On Sunday, May 26th, we celebrated the Affirmation of Faith and Rite of Confirmation for our students Lizzie, Evan and Laney.  These students participated in Confirmation classes with Pastor Beth and Dan B., met with their Confirmation Mentors, were presented by their families, and affirmed their faith as loved and forgiven children of God.  Joined by their 7th grade classmate Aislinn, they selected all the music for Sunday’s service and wrote a class creed for the congregation to proclaim.

The audio for this post includes the appointed Gospel Lesson for this day, John 14:23-19, along with the students’ faith reflections.   We give thanks for the faith of our students and rejoice that they are not only the church of the future, but they are also important members of the Body of Christ now.  God bless you and your families, Lizzie, Evan, and Laney!  Thank you for sharing your faith and your lives with the people of St. Mark.