It’s a Super Christmas!

The St. Mark Sunday School students shared the Second Sunday in Advent’s hope-filled message.  The students offered their Christmas Program and the debut showing of “It’s a Super Christmas.”  (An original play, “Super Christmas” was written by  Heather Unti.  Pastor Beth rewrote it for the children of St. Mark.)   

During the program, joyous songs rang out:  “Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?,” “Once Upon a Noisy Night,” “Joy to the World,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”

The Superheroes are worried!  They heard a new Savior of the world is coming.  Isn’t it their job to save the world?!  The Superheroes went in search of this new Super.

On their journey, they encountered shepherds, angels, and a very pregnant couple.  The Supers and shepherds followed a bright star to a stable….  can you imagine what they found?! … Something super!!


SPOILER ALERT: How can a baby save the world?!  Listen and find out!

To hear the Gospel and Program from the 8:30 service, please click on this!


To hear the Gospel and Program from the 11:00 service, please click on this!