Simple Bread Becomes a Feast

The theme for several weeks, in the Gospel of John, has been bread. In our Gospel for today, John 6:24-35, Jesus refers to himself as the bread of life, identifying with the most basic of foods; simple, everyday sustenance.

Pastor Nelson reminded us that the simple bread becomes a feast when many share the eucharist together. The bread we receive at holy communion is “the body of Christ given for us”. We are invited to  feast at his table.

While we hunger for many things, we are sustained through Jesus in each of them. As we examine what satisfies us, what sustains us, what “makes our heart sing” (our Sabbatical theme), we may find that our hunger is for meaning and purpose, love and belonging, joy and delight, healing and wholeness, courage in times of uncertainty. These are a few of Pastor David’s…what are yours?

Click the link below to hear the sermon and Pastor Nelson’s stories, each of which illustrate the sharing of a feast.