Christ The King

On this Christ The King Sunday, the Gospel from John (18:33-38) emphasizes Jesus telling Pilate, “My kingdom is not from this world.” Jesus is not an earthly king but a king who exercises his power with truth; knowing his victory will be won through love.

In his sermon, Pastor Eric suggested hearing sad songs can make you think about painful times in your own life. At those times, when we are experiencing sadness and pain, it is right to remember Jesus is the King of Pain;  he died the ultimate painful death, sacrificing for each of us. Yet at the same time, Jesus is the King of Love. He promises to be with us in our times of pain and hurting. His precious love surrounds us, comforts us and heals us.

Pastor Eric distributed the words to the Al Green Song, Let’s Stay Together;  transposing the thought that Jesus says, “I’m so in love with you.” And we emphatically respond, ‘You make me feel so brand new, I want to spend my life with you!” 

To listen to the Gospel and Pastor Eric’s sermon, click on the link below.