Not One Stone

In today’s Gospel, Mark 13:1-8, Jesus wanted his disciples to know that things would get difficult and that the temple was not the center of their religion.  People were the church.
Does the bible say we have to go to church?
If we are the church, Pastor Beth asked us why is it important for us Christians to come together?
Why do we need each other?
We need to support one another.
We need to encourage and provoke one another to love and do good deeds.
We are a community of imperfect human beings who need each other.
We some times say and do things that we shouldn’t.
God made us relational beings and Faith is a relationship with God.
We live in an in between time in which we need each other.
All of creation, including us, belong to God.
We belong to each other.
We are the church.
Thanks be to God!