We Are the Body of Christ

In today’s Gospel, a huge problem occurred…the host of a wedding ran out of wine. Pastor Beth described running out of wine as being way beyond embarrassing. It could bring a curse on the wedding couple, or be a sign of the host’s lack of hospitality, resources, and friends. So, as the first of his many miracles, Jesus took care of the problem. He asked for 6 jars to be filled with water, then turned the water into wine. And in doing this, Jesus “revealed his glory”.

Pastor Beth posed questions that many of us struggle with. Great numbers of people have no clean water, let alone fine wine. Why hasn’t Christ come to the thirsty, hungry and homeless to give them water, food and shelter? How do we reconcile this gospel story where God is willing to give abundantly, while we live in a world with such tremendous need?

The truth is, this miracle is a sign that God is calling us to live out what it means to be the heart, hands and feet of Christ in our world today. God uses us to point the way for others, to be signs of His love, and to help our neighbors in need.

Pastor Beth reminds us that as we go about our week, not to be so distracted that we miss the signs that God is present in our life and in the world; or let ourselves become so busy that we miss seeing how God is using US as signs of His love in this “hurting” world.

To listen to today’s Gospel and Pastor Beth’s complete sermon, click the link below.