Welcome Sheri!

Sheri was born and raised in Southern California. Since 2011, she has fellowshipped at Living Water, where she and her husband met.  Sheri still attends and participates in serving there occasionally.  Prior to 2011, Sheri attended Gloria Dei. She says she has been blessed to be part of a church family since she was 13 years old.

Sheri works for Labor and Industries as a Senior Project Manager for the Strategic Business Office.  She joined state service in 2009.

Sheri writes,

“My mother went home to be with the Lord in 2016.  I have two older sisters, a younger sister and brother.  God has blessed me with lifetime friends that I consider family.  My husband graduated to heaven July 7th of this year (2018) at the young age of 51. We have no children.

 My spare-time activities include my relationships. I enjoy people and sharing time with them.  Though I am an introvert, my heart finds comfort affirming that my family and friends know they are loved.  I enjoy camping, hiking, and playing with my dogs.

 My season is changing, I am prayerfully taking each day at a time.  My husband picked St. Mark for us.  I find comfort in knowing this and how the St. Mark family has been so welcoming.  I have no immediate needs, just trying to find my footing.    

 Frank and Verna introduced my husband and me to St. Mark.  We attended Lent and immediately felt welcomed.  St. Mark is small in size and large in love for Him.  

 Peace to you,

Sheri Oakes

Welcome, Sheri! We are glad you are here and may you continue to find comfort within the St. Mark family.