Prodigal = Extravagant

The Gospel for today, the Fourth Sunday in Lent, is from Luke 15, which contains the parable of the “prodigal son”, who’s father’s extravagantly welcomed him home after he extravagantly squandered his share of his father’s property.

When the older son saw the extravagant celebration for his errant brother, he became angry and questioned his father’s actions. The father responded, “We rejoice because your brother was dead and has come to life.”

Jesus was, in essence, the prodigal son. He ate with outcasts, and welcomed sinners. And because of this, his Father brought him home. We celebrate his return home, i.e. resurrection, because we know this secures for us Our Father’s extravagant¬†forgiveness.

Pastor Eric enhanced his sermon with photo depictions of the prodigal son and a musical offering about our worthiness of God’s love and forgiveness. To listen to the gospel and sermon click the link below.