Be A Living Thank You

Pastor Beth began today’s sermon by asking the question, What is it that keeps you from living life fully, knowing you are a loved and forgiven child of God?  Is it self-doubt? Something you’ve done…or didn’t do? Is it health issues? Addictions? Stress of relationships, work or finances? Maybe you have questions about God, religion, or the church that prevent you from living out the blessed life God gave you?

In today’s gospel from the 8th chapter of Luke, the man from the tombs had many demons; no home, no one who cared about him, not even a name. Jesus cast out his demons and set him free. Similarly, we too have demons. And Jesus gives us the Word of Life to set us free from whatever keeps us from fully living the life God created for us. 

Jesus didn’t give up on the man living in the tombs, and he will never give up on us. He wants to set all  God’s children free, from our personal and social and political demons. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Pastor Beth reminds us to be “a living thank you”, to go back into the community and declare how much God has done for us. And like Jesus, we just may help set someone else free!

This morning, artist Josh Everson painted while Pastor Beth preached.  Here is his amazing creation:

To listen to the gospel and sermon, click the link below.