Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers…Hebrews 13:2

How does our world define success?  Money, power, friends, notoriety, possessions.
What kind of values do you need to be successful in the world’s eyes?  ‘None’, was one congregants answer to Pastor Beth’s question!
What qualities does God value?  Love, compassion, empathy, justice.
All these values are sprinkled through today’s scripture lessons.
How do we deal with the tensions of today’s values?
Jesus commands us to do things that are hard.  Love our neighbor.  Be humble.
Our very life itself comes from God.  How we live now affects our life and the lives that come after we are gone.  How are we going to live together?
We have a God who lifts up the lowly and commands us to show hospitality to strangers.
The ELCA has declared us a ‘sanctuary denomination’.
What does this mean for us at St Mark?
We are a church started in the USA by immigrants.  We have been walking alongside immigrants and refugees since our beginning.
We must preach the gospel and, if necessary, use some words.
We are called to live as Christ lives.  Called to be a sanctuary for all God’s children.  Most importantly, the most vulnerable.