22nd Sunday after Pentecost

How does our world define people in our world?
By age, race, occupation, gender, religion, where you live, income, political affiliation, relationship status and other ways.
Today we had a baptism whereby the child became a loved and forgiven, named and claimed child of God.
At some point in her life, she will be questioned by how we define a person which shape us, box us in and sometimes can oppress us.
We want her to remember that she is a loved child of God.
Who is inside and who is outside of God’s love?
This is where the Pharisees and Sadducees come into today’s story, Luke 20:27-38.
Pastor Beth pointed out that they could only agree on one thing.  Jesus must be stopped.  Killed.
The Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, asked Jesus a question and Jesus reminded them that God’s rules are not our rules.
Resurrection will be so different than life on earth.
Jesus points us to God who will never let us go.
We are a loved, forgiven child of God.
We proclaim with our lives that the love of God always wins.
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