Be the Light

On this First Sunday of Christmas, our service was filled with Lessons and Carols that told the story of the birth of Christ Jesus through scripture readings and music. We lifted our voices to celebrate the fulfillment of what was spoken through the angel Gabriel, whose image was presented on the altar wall for all to see. In the Lessons, the child of God was proclaimed to be “the true light, which enlightens everyone”.

The reading from Luke declares there will be “peace on earth among those whom he favors”. But we see pain and crying, conflict and death in the world at large and close around us. So, while we wait for the Son of God to come again, we need to be ready with comfort and light for each other and for others who have a deep need.  As Pastor Eric reminded us, we need to be “tissue people in a meanwhile time”.

To listen to the Lessons and Carols, and the sermon click the link below.