Shine Like A Diamond

This Sunday, the Epiphany of Our Lord, we celebrated the revelation of Christ to all nations with Lesson and Carols. New angels joined Gabriel on the Art Wall, heralding, “Jesus is here!”. A bright and perfect image of Jesus appeared as well.  Each member of the congregation was shining like a diamond, wearing or carrying 30 sparkles. Pastor Eric even wore a vest of diamonds!

The theme of our scriptures and sermon was light. We heard messages such as, light attracts and pulls you into joy;  our Lord promises the light of life after our last breath; we are called to shine bright and reflect the light of Jesus. And we sang words of light: “blaze spirit blaze” and “as we gaze on your kingly brightness, so our faces display your likeness”.

Pastor Eric reminded us that a light source is always necessary. In our lives the light source is Jesus, illuminating us in the best way possible. With love. And grace. And forgiveness.

Darkness is present in the world because darkness is part of God’s creation in nature. When darkness descends on others, we can use the light source given to us to shine the bright light of Jesus upon them. With our 30 sparkles, Pastor Eric challenged us to shine like a diamond  each day of the next month; with 30 thank you’s, 30 acts of forgiveness or 30 demonstrations of kindness.

To listen to the Lessons and Carols and the sermon, click the link below.

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