Good News in a Bad News World

Sometimes there seems to be a bad news cloud hovering over the world. We have bad news in our own lives. And sometimes we are the bad news. We contribute to the bad news by the things we say and do, things we don’t say and don’t do. We confess in church each week that we are broken and fail to follow Jesus as we are called to do.

In this bad news world, we are desperate to hear the GOOD NEWS! And we hear it loud and clear in today’s Gospel, John 3:16. God gave His son so we can be saved; blessing us with everlasting life. Through this sacrifice, we know God loves us and wants us to build a deeper relationship with Him.

Pastor Beth reminds us that God challenges us to move beyond our comfort zone, to see the world and others in it as He does. It is hard work to be a faithful servant. But God is always there with us, loving us, and giving us a push to be loving, forgiving servants to others.

In a bad news world this really is good news for all of us!

To listen to today’s scripture reading and sermon, click the link below.