New Book Study: How to Be An Anti-Racist

Pastor Beth is offering a Zoom Book Study of “How to be an Anti-Racist” written by Ibram X. Kendi beginning on Thursday, May 6, at either 2 p.m. or 7 p.m.  This class will be held each Thursday through June 10.

You are asked to do some “homework” (about 40 pages of reading) prior to our first class and each class following.  We will read several chapters in advance and discuss them when we gather on Zoom.  Although it is very helpful, you do not have to read all the material to join the conversation.  A Zoom link will be sent out closer to our start date.  If you are not on the congregational email list, please contact the church office for more information.

This is what we will discuss each week:

May 6

Intro, Chapters 1-3 (Definitions, Dueling Consciousness, Power)

May 13

Chapters 4-6 (Biology, Ethnicity, Body)

May 20

Chapters 7-9 (Culture, Behavior, Color)

May 27

Chapters 10-12 (White, Black, Class)

June 3

Chapters 13-15 (Space, Gender, Sexuality)

June 10

Chapters 16-18 (Failure, Success, Survival)

You will need to secure your own copy of this book.  They can be found at the library, in bookstores, or online.  Order now so you have time to read the first 40 pages before our first class.

Note from Pastor Beth:  I have read this book and appreciate Dr. Kendi’s honest personal and social analysis of how we live together as human beings.  His book moves beyond race and challenges us to discover new ways of how we think about ourselves and each other.  This is a timely book for us as people of faith to read and discuss as we seek to embody Christ’s love for all people in our world today.