Pray Always

A man asked God if he could ask a question.
Your ways, your timing are not always ours so what is a million years to you?
God thought about it and answered, ‘It’s about a second in your time’.
What’s a million dollars?  God answered, ‘About a penny’.
The man then asked God if he could have a penny and God answered, ‘Sure, in a second’.

Pastor Beth said that we live in a world that help and justice doesn’t always come when we pray and feel it is needed.  Why doesn’t God just swoop in and make everything right?
Jesus told us to be persistent in prayer that God will bring justice in God’s time and God’s way.
Don’t loose heart.
Pray, pray persistently.
Keep knocking on God’s door.

Who are the most vulnerable in our community?
How should we respond to these people?
Will we?
Sometimes, we are God’s answer to someone else’s prayer.

We are called to be prayers in action.
To act in love.